Lia Pleasure Weighted Kegel Love Balls Product Review

Squeeze your kegels around these love balls!

Enjoy pussy-tightening pleasure with the sexy Lia Love Balls! These smooth weighted love balls are designed to slide inside easily. Once these love balls are inserted, you can give yourself an easy kegel workout by just moving around. As you shake and shimmy (or even do chores!), just squeeze the Lia Love Balls with your kegel muscles for a tightening workout that strengthens your muscles, intensifies your orgasms, and feels amazing! You can even use these sexy love balls in conjunction with a clitoral sex toy or vibrator for intense orgasms.

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Using the Lia Love Balls on a regular basis can help any woman develop stronger pelvic muscles. These smooth silicone coated balls have a 1.5 inch diameter. One is inserted in the vagina, while the other provides a hanging weight to encourage the development of muscle strength. A convenient loop for quick removal is also molded from the silicone casing. Lia Love Balls is a simply fabulous choice for getting that pleasurable full feeling in your vaginal love canal or anal love tunnel. These weighted balls fit easily and comfortably for a feeling of fullness to send you into sexual bliss no matter where you are!

Indulge in hands free stimulation and a pleasurable workout with these weighted kegel balls. Designed to stimulate you internally with a jiggling movement during wear, these clever lovel balls enhance foreplay or solo pleasure. Inspired by Ben Wa balls, each of the balls contains a weight that moves around freely to cause a vibration-like form of stimulation against your G-spot. These weighted kegel exercisers can be worn as an enhancement to other forms of stimulation. Wearing them during oral sex enhances G-spot stimulation and wearing them during anal sex maximizes the sensation doe both you and your partner. Wearing these balls is wonderfully pleasurable with the additional benefit of improving the tightness and tone of your vaginal muscles.

To use, just add a drop or two of your favorite sex lube to your Lia Love Balls. Then slowly work these love balls into your pussy. You can start with just one or go for both love balls at once. Once your love balls are inserted, try moving around. Feel that? Each of your Lia Love Balls contains a free-rolling weight – so as you move, your kegel muscles will be challenged to hold in your love balls and your inner walls will get an orgasmically good massage.  Wearing these balls as a kegel exerciser for just 20 minutes a day can make a difference.

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With every move, the weighted rolling inner cores of your love balls will make a soft noise to signal you that your kegels are working hard. Try squeezing your love balls lying back in bed, sitting up in a chair, and even hold in your love balls as you do chores around the house (try this out with a hands-free clitoral butterfly vibrator!). And when you’re all climaxed out, just use the stretchy retrieval cord to remove your Lia Love Balls. Take your love balls into the shower or spa for extra-slippery fun!

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